2015년 3월 20일 금요일

My superb girl

I received your message, but I will not send it back now, because I'm writing this. Please forgive me. Maybe, you don't even think about this. You are amazing, actually superb for me. But somehow that made me worry about many things like other men wooing you. And as I thought about it more and more, I just became timid and a coward. So, I decided to think like " Anything will happen, and that's natural, there is nothing i can do." You remember I said it many times. That was not because I didn't trust you. It was for remove my fears. Last semester, when I decided to transfer and Heejin came frequently to my home, I thought about you much. One thing came to my mind was you are going to be tired and there going to be less and less things I can do for you. So I thought " You are young and amazing, so you can have a better boy friend." You said I'm selfish, i partially agreed with that, but for me that action was for you. Ok, get rid of it. The reason I called you again is like I said, I think I'm not gonna meet a girl like you forever. I understand things around us are not like before, cuz we have been apart for almost 5 months. But i'm sure we can make it up. You just stay there, I will make it. Can you give me a one more chance? and could you stay by my side for-ever? 

Love you, Hong. 

2015년 1월 11일 일요일

The future of world

The history of human-kind is the history of domination. Rome - Mongolia - The osman Truk - Portugal - Spain - Netherlands - France - England and now The U.S. The U.S was the most preferential country after WW2. Half of the wealth of the world was concentrated to the U.S. And still the U.S is a hegemonic power. It seems that the U.S will continue to remain as a sole super-power. However, everything has up and down. And there is nothing permanent.

There are several candidates for the next super-power

1. Russia
Putin's nick name is post Stalin. He is unconditionally advocated by Russians. Under Putin's control, Russia has obtained high economic growth, and Russia's military acquires powerful forces. More importantly, Putin has eagerness to be super-power. However, It looks way-behind to Russia. Ukraine incident and recent oil-price depreciation extremely shows the limitation of Russia. It is possible if Russia re-unites the 16 countries which were disbanded from former soviet union, but it seems impossible.

2. Japan
"Japan - next super-power" theory was prevalent in 1970s-1980s. However, no-one believes it anymore. 1970s-1980s was the heyday of Japan. 8 of top 10 banks were Japanese banks. But such a prosperity didn't last long. The Plaza agreement appreciated Yen. (1dollar - 350 Yen -> 1 dollar 100Yen). Because of the appreciation Japan has suffered "lost 2 decades". Moreover, because of Abe's absurd governance, Japan is becoming isolated from International society.

3. Last but not least, China
Actually, China is the strongest and most realistic contender for the next super-power. After the implementation of the reformation and open door policy in 1978, China has recorded 9.6% of annual growth in average. It is unprecedented. Chinese military forces were weak, but it has grown up with its economic growth. And China possesses 97% of rare earth resources which is essential for IT industry. And their one-party monopoly facilitates the process of official decision making. If the hegemonic power is transferred to other nation, that would be China.

However, China has to solve several problems.
1. Environmental problem
2. Law of diminishing returns
3. Corruption and Graft
4. Provincial problem - XinJian wigur, Taiwan, Mongolia, Tibet
5. Welfare or Economic growth
6. The gap between the poor and the rich

Who knows?

2014년 11월 29일 토요일

The shut-down system

As computer develops, people have enjoyed more convenient and comfortable life. Besides, it leads more scientific achievements. Even it leads human to explore space. It's undeniable that the Apollo project, which was the first step of human space-exploration, was feasible by development of computer technology. 
Video game and Computer game has developed simultaneously with the development of computer. Now "Game" is really realistic. In some games, we can even see characters are sweating, and it is advancing. 
The scale of game industry of world is surmised as 122 trillions won. 
In korea, the scale of domestic game industry is 10 trillions won. Moreover it has created 100-thousands jobs. And it is predicted as it will continuously grow up 
However, something starts to disrupt it.

The shut-down policy was enacted mainly by the ministry of gender equality and family in May,2011. The ministry stated "Game is drug." Every Adolescents are compulsorily kicked off in any conditions at 12 a.m. 
Because of this system something awkward happened before. 
He is adolescent pro-gamer. When he was playing a game in the league, he abruptly gave up. He said " I gotta go, because of shutdown system." Although he is  an officially enrolled pro-gamer, he had to give up. 

The shutdown system also has advantages either. Because of the system Adolescent can not excessively play game. And it leads them to have regular-life. In other words, adolescents can have time to do what they have to do which is study. 

What do you think about it?

2014년 11월 25일 화요일

World of space time

What if we chase the light with same speed with it? 
Einstein was wondering about it everyday and every night. 
If we sit in a subway lookout of the window, and watch the car which has equivalent speed with it, it looks stagnant. We all know this. 
Can we adapt the situation above into light? 
The velocity of light is almost 300,000 km/s. 
Is it going to be stagnant, if we chase with equivalent velocity? 
No, It isn't
It is still stretching with formidable velocity. 
Einstein contrived the theory of relativity from this question.
And finally concluded as "Time goes differently, and it depends on quantity of motion of object."

Then, what is speed?
Speed is, generally, dividing moved distance by time.
In other words, it is dividing of space quantity by time quantity.

What is movement?
Most of people may answer, " It's just a move of object."
It's wrong 
Movement = Movement in space + Movement in time

Every stagnant thing is taking movement in time
and every moving thing is taking movement in time and space simultaneously.

A stopped car is taking movement only in time. However, when it starts to move, it consumes a part of motion which it uses in movement in time to movement in space.
The quantity of motion is absolute. It can't be doubled or increased.
It might sounds weird, but time of the person who drive a car in front of you is passing later than your time.

Hafele–Keating experiment

Hafele and Keating did a experiment to examine the theory of relativity in 1971. They equipped  8  cesium atomic clocks. 4 of those were on the ground, and the other 4 were in the airplane. After the flight, clocks which were in the airplane were 59/1 billion seconds later than the clocks on the ground. 
Einstein was right.

There is no exact 12 a.m.

2014년 11월 23일 일요일


It is better to view this page with the music above.

Recently, the movie "Interstellar" is sweeping all the people's attention in Korea. Some might say "It's fantastic, it's really interesting." The movie's genre is SF (Scientific-Fiction). There are many scientific materials in it. The most fundamental two theories of this movie are Gravity and Space - time. I'll inform you briefly about gravity in this page. 

Issac Newton contrived the theory of universal gravitation. It's well-known story that Newton invented the theory because of falling apple. It sufficiently explains why people in the south hemisphere do not fall off to the space. Simply, Gravity is the tension between two objects. 

However, someone broke the theory, and it was Albert Einstein. 
He invented "Special theory of relativity" and "General theory of relativity" in 1905 and 1915 respectively. Time and space were absolute and immutable subjects at that time. So, he was blamed much. But now, it becomes the base of science. 

In Newton's theory, gravity is the interaction of two objects. However, in Einstein's theory, gravity is rather a space-time distortion than a just power. 

Einstein saw the space in 4D. 1D is line or dot. 2D is face. 3D is solid and volume. 4D contains Time and everything in 1D,2D,3D. In Newton's theory, the revolution of moon is explained by "Gravity." But in Einstein's theory, it is explained as "Parallel condition in space-time distortion. In Einstein's theory, every-planet in the space creates invisible space which commensurate with its mass under itself. You may don't comprehend the picture above. Imagine there are bowling ball and golf ball. If we place those on a mattress, bowling ball will dent deeper than golf ball. Moreover, if the golf ball is near by the bowling ball and stagnant, it will fall into the dent. So it needs to revolve the dent with moderate speed to prevent collision. 
What is more? 
If light goes in a straight line we can not see stars which is behind the sun. 
However, light tends to take the shortest distance ( according to Fermat's principal). 
So the light of the star behind the sun is not taking the way to go through distortion distance. It takes a detour. 

 Actual location and observed location of star are different, because light doesn't go straight. (Gray line is the actual way of the light of the star takes)

 The then Time's Headline 
"Revolution of science - New theory to explain space - farewell to the Newton theory."  

"We still don't know one-thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us."
Albert Einstein 

About space - time will be uploaded soon.

2014년 10월 16일 목요일

The bitcoin. -Final process of money

                History of currency has been changed a lot. However, only one thing which has never been changed is that currency has always been tangible. People ask "Is that possible to have intangible currency?" and bit coin answers "Yes, it is."
              Bit coin was invented in January,2009  by a programmer whose pen name was Satoshi Nagatomo. Actually, there are many virtual money in Korea. For example, "도토리" in Cyworld and people spends real money on cyber money. However, those things can not be used in Real market. It is just for online activities. But Bit coin is gradually using in real life. By Aug, 2013, one BTC is 120$.
* 1 BTC = 1 bitcoin = 1 비트코인
* 0.01 BTC = 1 cBTC = 1 centi bitcoin (bitcent) = 1 센티비트코인
* 0.001 BTC = 1 mBTC = 1 milli bitcoin (mbit 또는 milli bit) = 1 밀리비트코인
* 0.000001 BTC = 1 μBTC = 1 micro bitcoin (ubit 또는 micro bit) = 1 마이크로비트코
* 0.00000001 BTC = 1 satoshi = 1 사토시

            There is central institution for each currency. For example, Won is managed by 한국은행. But, there is no central institution for Bit coin. It means there is no organization which produces Bit Coin. However, everyone can receive Bit coin by solving a math question by computer. People call the process as "Mining", and people who do Mining are Miners. The total amount of Bit coin is twenty one millions. Miners mined twelve millions of Bit coin by the Aug,2013 since 2009. Eight millions of bit coin are left.

My thought 

           I think it is highly suitable for the future. Nowadays, people do everything on internet. So it is the most rational choice to use such online currency, Bit coin. Moreover, I think it can be world's common currency. Now, Key currency is dollar, but every country has its own. Using common currency has several benefits. First,common currency, so no tax. For example, EU integration made Euro, Euro has promoted trades between EU countries. Exchanging rate fluctuates everyday, and the most of countries are concerning about it everyday, and Exchanging rate is highly effective to Exports and imports. But by having one currency, World can have fair competition. Furthermore Variability will be decreased, so world's economy will be stable and safe.  Since Bit Coin has specific program and process of its amount, It can lead less inflation.